Friday, July 4, 2014

Reflector by Air Squirrels

So the name of the company kinda threw me for a loop a little when this software first came to my attention.  Who names their company Air Squirrels?  Probably some really smart, really rich college kids with a good idea.

Well they did have a good idea and they were smart enough to make it work!

Reflector is a software download available for Mac or PC that lets your iOS device AirPlay directly to your computer.  It's only $12.99 and I have used it so many ways!  

The way AirPlay works, there are no wires or connections!  I was considering buying an AppleTV for my classroom so I could mirror my iPad but with Reflector, I don't need it!  The only "catch" is that both my iPad and Macbook need to be on the same wireless network.  Not a big deal since I have a wireless access point in my classroom, but if the wireless was down, I'd be outta luck.  (No AirPlay is the LEAST of my worries if the internet is out...I'm the tech guy whose gotta fix it!  haha)

Imagine introducing a new app to your kids.  Obviously you want to show them some of the functions before you let them loose.  But everyone crowding around one iPad doesn't work.  Reflector.

Imagine wanting to showcase student work after a project.  Going around the circle and everyone staring at a little 8 inch screen?  Reflector.

Imagine being the only classroom in the building without a document camera.  iPad camera + music stand = Document Camera.  Reflector.

Imagine a guest coming to give an assembly and wanting to show pictures from their iPad mini but of course not bringing the right cables.  Reflector.

Is this $12.99 software worth classroom management, pushy students, a document camera, and a save-the-day-pat-on-the-back?  YES.

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