Saturday, July 5, 2014

Apple Remote app for iPad

Obviously in a music classroom I play a lot of music.  I have the nicest speakers in the building and I rock out with the groundhogs that live under my classroom even when the students aren't around!   One thing I got sick of pretty quickly though was having to leave the activity with my students a few seconds early so I could stop the music from playing to the next song.  Or for that matter, joining the activity a few seconds late as I ran from my computer to the front of my room.  The CD player has a remote, but who has CDs anymore?  Not with iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and humbly speaking, the most diverse collection of music in my personal library you have ever seen!

I quickly started using my personal iPhone to pause and play the music (which lead to some confused faces when I was dancing along to freeze dance and suddenly the music stops without me having to run over the computer!) But life got even easier when I got my teacher iPad.  I have created playlists for particular units to easily search for music and move between songs and keep my iPad next to me on my stool while we do a movement activity or behind my back while we sit in the circle with a beat tapping activity!  The students know exactly what I'm doing and while pressing play or pause, I can keep their attention and transition to the next activity.  

Gotta love all things apple!  (Though it works through a PC computer too...)

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