Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oops! I Don't Have My Instrument! QR Codes + Google Forms

Last year I saw a teacher blog showing how she used QR codes and Google Forms to keep track of student late work.  I loved the idea of Google keeping records for me, but late work isn't something I worry about much in music class!

But keeping track of students forgetting their band instruments is certainly a problem I'd like solved!

When a student enters band class and has forgotten their instrument, they know to grab an iPad and scan the QR code on the wall.  All I ask from them is their name and reason for forgetting.  It takes just a few minutes and I don't have to deal with students making excuses to me and interrupting what ever else I'm dealing with in those first few [chaotic] moments of band class.

Here's a peak at what Google shows me in my response view: 
I can easily see students who have forgotten their instrument more than others and hovering over each of the blue bars gives full data (first/last name).

It makes sense that students forget their instrument because the morning is busy.  It means something (to me, at least) that the instrument was in their thought process, but they got caught up rushing out the door.  

I have this same set up for keeping records behavioral issues as well!  Rather than jotting a note to myself real quick after a class of who had to sit out and what was going on in the class, I have the student scan the QR code and fill out the form!  Google keeps more accurate data than I could with date and time as well as what kind of activity the student is removed from.  

I call this my "Decision Reflection" form because I like that students are removed from the activity, but also given an opportunity to think about what just happened and why they were removed.  I usually can't stop and talk to the student who was removed until after class since I need to continue class with all the other student, but this form requires them to recognize what's happening in class and what's happening with their own behavior.

I made my form with check boxes so students can give as much information as possible in a small amount of time, though  I do ask them to write a sentence of their own at the bottom of how they can make a better decision next time.

The result data that Google shows me is very helpful to see what kind of behavior trends are happening in my room and if maybe I need to revise or revisit my procedures in a particular activity.  

I saw a lot of success with these QR codes and Google forms last year.  My accuracy with records was impeccable and students could take some more responsibility for themselves!  Did I mention I can send the form results to parents!  Too easy!!

A quick how-to: Make a new Google Form.   Click SEND to find the link.  Create a QR code (I use www.qrstuff.com).  Print and post!