Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prezi for iPad!

The art teacher approached me about a new idea for "when you're done time" that can still be meaningful.  She wants the students to be able to see prominent examples of artwork (that she chooses) and choose a short project to do in relation to it.  Her immediate thought was to make a Prezi with artwork since that's what she's familiar with.

Than the questions became can the students access Prezi on their iPads, and even deeper, can we direct them there via QR code???

The answers?  Yes and YES!

Prezi Viewer is a free app (check it out here!) that lets you view any public Prezi on your iPad.  There is also a create/edit your Prezi app but for our purposes, we didn't want students to edit, simply view.

Once you make your own Prezi on your computer, make sure the settings are for Public Viewing.  Then copy the link and head over to a QR generator and print!

Here's a QR code for my Concert Etiquette Prezi!