Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Purposeful Desktop!

I love a clean desktop.  But it just isn't practical most of the time.  When I want to save something so I don't forget it, I can't put it away in a folder in my documents cause then I'll forget about it!  Or when I'm taking screen shots and aren't ready to delete them yet, I just gotta keep them on the desktop!

So why not create an organized desktop for the things I need to keep at the front of my brain!

I did this once for a substitute teacher so she could easily find everything she needed for each class.  But then I got the crazy idea to do it for myself!

All I had to do was create a desktop that had boxes with labels and drag my files where they belong!  Now they are on my desktop but still organized!  I love it!

Background by Lovin' Lit 
Dots by 3am Teacher

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Orff Orff Orff!

Just finished a 2 week intensive Orff training!  I'm flabbergasted with the amount of resources I gained and am itching to get back to school!

Orff is all about hands on!  Hands on rhythm, hands on instruments, hands on melodies, improvisation and more!  I'm so excited to watch my students dive deeper into our musical concepts and expand through creativity!

One of my most favorite parts of the Orff approach is taking children's literature and allowing students to add sound effects, movement, interpretation, melodies, etc!  My next project, then, is going to be scanning a few books into my computer and creating presentations that I can read from, but the students have a better view of pictures/details.  Plus, then I'll have free hands to add my own background music while we read!  I can't wait for the kids to come back!!!