Tuesday, July 1, 2014

QR Interactive Bulletin Boards!

I don't have my own bulletin board in the hallways because I live outside in the portable.  But when new bulletin boards went up this past year, I snatched up one and was excited to show off my students' work too!

As part of our Fine Arts Festival, students are invited to perform in a classroom recital.  Parents and friends come and it's a great time to share our love of music with one another.

This year I decided to video each performance and create a bulletin board to showcase their work at our end of year events!  Anytime parents were in the building to see other work, class parties, assemblies, graduations, etc.  they would be able to stop and see video of great student musicians!  I loved it!!

As classes finished their recitals, I spliced the video, added a quick title, and saved them in my Dropbox.  Then all it takes is a few QR codes, scissors, paper and glue!

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