Saturday, July 18, 2015

MadPad for Timbre Exploration


I'm such a YouTube addict and love showing videos to my upper elementary students.  When I found this video of the Smule App MadPad, I was hooked.

The MadPad App is a $2.99 app that's worth every penny.  Users are able to record their own video soundboard and then use that soundboard to record their own compositions.  

I use the MadPad app as an opportunity to discuss timbre, ostinati, and layering loops.  We discuss timbre as the characteristic of sound.  We also discuss music as the organization of sound. 

After exploring examples of non-traditional instruments creating music, I assign the same task to my students.

Students explore non-traditional instruments located around school and compose their own music.  

Here are a few examples of what my students came up with!

Recording Tips:

Use non-verbal cues to start recording.  
App will begin recording as soon as it hears sound.

Record single sounds, not patterns.  
Patterns and ostinati can be created later.

Record short examples
The soundboard will play through the entire recorded sample.  
          Long samples often “muddy the water.”

Plan samples for specific purposes.  

Can sounds be paired together?  What layers will be created?

Ready to get started?  Check out this great planning sheet to help students organize their information before getting started!