Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's on Your Wall Link Up!

I'm linking up with the INFAMOUS Mrs. King (aka the Bulletin Board Lady!) to show you what's on my wall!  I've been working super hard this week to make sure everyone else in my school is hooked up with all their technology, but I finally found some time for myself yesterday and today!  

I'm SUPER excited about some of the improvements I've made to my room this year!
 If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk you can dance!

Here's the start to my bulletin board!  I love the silhouettes!  My husband says I should add some glitter!  Can't wait for the kids to see it!

 My percussion wall is getting better and better every year! I made labels to print on Avery Labels (available in my TPT store!) so students can locate and return the instruments a little easier.  

I've had my drums on the percussion wall for a few years now, but I finally decided to get a class set of drums so I expanded the wall to behind the piano too.  AND!  Since I have the best principal ever!!!  She let me paint circles around the drums so the students know where to put them back!!  YES!

Oh!  And my boomwhackers have been on the wall for the past few years, but again, students sometimes have a problem putting them away, especially when a lot of boomwhackers are being used.  Spatially, students sometimes have a hard time judging where the colors should go and for the kiddos that need everything to be put away perfectly, it was a big distraction.

So!  Drum roll, please!

Ta da!  I colored the velcro to match the boomwhackers!! It was super easy-I just used Crayola markers!  It'll be so much better for students now!  LOVE IT!

I'm very proud of the fact that I have doubled my xylophone inventory throughout last year!  My principal's husband built me the bass xylophone cart (after my husband and I failed miserably) and the labels are a freebie from Jena Hudson at Sew Much Music (get them here!)  I put one label on the instrument, and one label on the shelf, so students put them back where they got them!

Did you notice my SitSpots?  Best purchase I ever made (non musical)!  I use them as line up dots, time out dots, wait for me dots, tallest to shortest dots, and so much more!  Plus, kiddos are FAR away from anything they can get their hands on that I don't want them touching while they're in line!  

One more picture of the front of my room.  Not much new there.  I love my smart board and just added an iPad holder that I'll use as a document camera.  

(Notice I didn't show you a picture of my desk... I'm not QUITE ready for school in two weeks!)

Goodbye Summer!  Hello kiddos!



  1. Thanks for linking up! I love love LOVE the circles on the wall for the drums! They are beautiful and so practical.

  2. How do the drums stick to the wall? Also, can you share the link for those bass xylophone carts? Last question... Where did you get your rugs?

    1. I use thumb tacks for the drums! Just a little ledge for the rim to sit on. The rug is actually in two half circles but I found it online somewhere! No where special. The bass xylo cart is a piece of particle board with wheels and a lip. I cut a piece of felt the same size as the box and took that to the hardware store to measure how big a piece of particle board I would need. Then just screwed in the edging and wheels! It was about $20 total!

  3. Hold on...Ipad as a document camera? Tell me more! (lots of details, please!)