Monday, August 17, 2015

Super Sale, Instant Replay!

Yay!  I've linked up with Mrs. Miracle and Music A La Abbott's Linky Party: Super Sale Instant Replay!  I was the forgetful buyer last time who forgot to use the promo code and missed out on an additional 8%!  Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a last minute sale for those like me who forgot something!  DON'T FORGET THE PROMO CODE, ALISON!  The new promo code is MORE15! Something I forgot to buy last time, was this collection of slides for Peas Porridge Hot by Tuneful Teacher.  I've been learning a lot of ways to explore this song in my Orff training over the summer so I'm excited to grab these slides to help students explore quarter rest! the last sale, I've been working a lot in my room at school organizing and rearranging.  I made myself labels to print out for each of my percussion instrument baskets, then I made labels for my orff instruments too!  They are so easy to print and so far they've been sticking pretty well!

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