Friday, January 9, 2015

Jump Bands DIY

I saw this video of students with Mrs. Kristin Lukow jumping to the beats a few months ago and I knew it was something I wanted to do with my kiddos too!  

My husband was leaning over my shoulder watching one night and immediately recognized it as a form of a Filipino dance, Tinikling! 

I immediately started researching to get myself a set of Jump Bands too...but stopped suddenly when I saw how expensive the brand name elastics were!  But growing up with a mother who sewed all my clothes and costumes, I knew we could make a set ourselves.

I headed over to Amazon (my go-to for almost everything) and found the bright colored elastics for $4.00/3 yds. I ordered 2 reds, 2 blues, 2 greens, and 2 purples.  

DIY Jump Band Instructions

6 yds of 1 inch elastic in each color (2 sets of 3yds is great)
Matching thread
Fray Check 

Finished size: Each band will be 7ft long with a foot hole on each side.


1. Cut elastic into 3yd pieces
2. Measure and mark 1 foot from the end on both sides
3. Fold end into mark and sew to create foot hole.
       {tip: this is the only seam that will need to hold the tension of students jumping/stretching the bands.  I sewed a box approximately 1 inch long using a thick zigzag stitch for extra support.  You might also choose to sew a box with an X in it if doing a regular zigzag stitch.}

4.   Sew foot holes on both sides of the elastic and repeat for second band.  
5.  Apply fray check to end pieces and up the side of the seam to delay any fraying 

My sewing machine was a little finicky with the elastic but my mother's machine sewed nicely.  I had some problems with skipping stitches and not picking up the threads but that was because I was doing a fancy zigzag. 

Well my homemade DIY Jump Bands have been through 4 classes and lots of feet and so far so good!  The foot holes are holding up nicely and we can fit 3 or 4 jumpers at a time! I spent a little over $40 and made 4 sets!

Good luck with yours!

edit:  I just finished 6 weeks of intense Jumping and my bands are still doing great!  My only comment would be to make the original bands about a foot shorter.  I knew they would stretch, but didn't take that into account when I thought about the space in my room.  It's important that the bands are taught when jumping and my room is a little too short for some formations my students wanted to do.


  1. Love the idea of making your own bands. Good to know they have held up nicely.

  2. Excellent! I want to teach tinkling to a small group, but have no way of fitting large poles in my tiny car. I'm going to give this a try!!!

  3. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your experience and videos on this!