Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Light bulb!

I think I am predestined to love Bingo.  My great grandmother was known for calling out bingo numbers in her sleep.  I have bingo downloaded on my iPad and may or may not spend too much time on the weekends playing...

My first year teaching I decided to make a Bingo game for my kiddos learning to correlate names of rhythmic notation to pictures.  In my inexperience, I printed them out, mounted on construction paper and laminated for "future use."  I was certainly disappointed when the dry erase markers didn't exactly erase from the laminated cards and was even more disappointed when my students had dry erase marker all over their hands, clothes, and my beautiful rug!

The next year I had 10 iPads in my classroom and I was looking for easy ways to impress the principal that I was using them even during the first weeks of school.  I thought I was so smart when I put the Bingo Cards in dropbox and downloaded the images onto each iPad.  Then I did the math...10 iPads x 10 Bingo Cards each = 100 images to download.  The free whiteboard app I downloaded worked to upload an image but if the students wanted to erase their marks, it would erase their board too and it was loaded with ads.

Fast forward another few years, a few more app trials, and lost more bingo filled weekends.  I learned about Explain Everything and bring able to post a QR Code and my students would be able to download and navigate to a pre-made EE Project.  

Light bulb!

1 iPad x 10 Bingo Cards = EASY!  

I took a break from Bingo on my iPad to put all my Music Bingo Cards into Explain Everything and voila!  Instead of teaching my kiddos how to upload an image and lock it into place, they simply scan the QR code and have access to all 10 bingo boards.

I attached a QR code to my SMARTBoard file that has my Bingo Spinner and that was that!  I love technology!