Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Sunshine!
It's Summer!!

My husband is spending his time studying for the NCLEX-RN exam so I have to be very very quiet in our tiny apartment.  I've been saving projects for such a time as this however it's only been 2 weeks of no school and I'm almost done!!  yikes!

PERRRFECT time to start a new blog, develop new products for TPT, and try to make an impact on the digital world!  I've been doing a bunch of research for the classroom teachers about implementing their new iPads next year and I've got so much I want to tell them but would rather not tell them individually.  Let's see how this blog works!

So QRs, centers, apps, ideas, and more coming soon!


  1. Just saw your blog link! Our district is 1:1, so I am all excited for our technology tidbits and products. I have a blog as well, so I'm excited to follow another music education blogger. Congratulations and good luck on the blogging journey!

    Christine Skog -

  2. Thanks Christine! I plan to put up AS MUCH as i know during the summer time! Make sure you check out Cherie Herring's blog (link on my post about her) and Katie Wardrobe as well!