Thursday, June 26, 2014

Building Rhythms...again.

I've seen the Mega Bloks craze with rhythm building all over Pinterest for quite some time.  Over Christmas break, I decided to try it!

I bought a set of Mega Bloks pretty cheap at Walmart and sat down with my sharpee marker.

6 Months later and a few 1st-2nd grade activities...

While it doesn't take much time to redraw all the symbols on each block, it's not really a project I want to do twice a year!  So I bought a paint marker, thinking maybe THAT would solve my problem.
And it DID!  Until I used my nail and easily scratched it off again.  Back to the drawling board.  What could I put over top of the paint to give it an extra level of protection...I could always shellac it on there.  ooo!  CLEAR NAIL POLISH!
I put a nice clear coat over each symbol and it gives just the right amount of protection along with a nice little shine.  HOPEFULLY this will last longer than just the sharpee marker!

I also put the notation on BOTH sides of the block (front and back) since many times we were playing games where they had to create the rhythm I chanted and show it back to me (dictation).  It would have been MUCH easier if they could see it on their side and I see it on mine.


  1. I have the same problem! Did the nail polish work? I have top coat and base coat clear ;) Haha!

    1. So far they are doing much better but they haven't been put through the 1st grader test. I used top coat since it's a little thicker! haha

  2. Be careful with nail polish- it's toxic.

  3. I put the rhythm reading words on the back side of mine. (ta titi tikitiki..etc...)