Thursday, September 11, 2014

Music Notation Bingo

As a review of rhythm notation, I always play BINGO with my kiddos!  I made a SMARTboard presentation during my first year of teaching and print/laminated boards.

Now that I'm older and wiser (and with iPads), I put the bingo boards in Dropbox instead and have the images saved to the iPads.  Typically, we use a Whiteboard App to cross off symbols.  

After playing BINGO many times, I've noticed the Whiteboard App (FREE) I was using had too many ads and tons of pop ups that distracted my kids.  Today, we used the newly updated EduCreations instead and it worked much more smoothly! 

Here is a link to my TPT store where you can get Music BINGO for your classroom!  


This file requires SMART Notebook, SMART Express, or SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer.  SMART Express is a free online program and SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer is a free download.

Check out the SMART website for more information.

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